Everywhere I look, I see green tea being advertised as a way to loose weight, improve your brain function, and burn fat among other uses. My close friend always read the claims with a skeptical eye. Yeah, right. How can one drink do so much?

After a while I decided to bring more awareness about green tea as I already know green tea is a great way to refresh your body and mind. I like Lipton green tea since it’s easy to find in stores and comes in a variety of flavors from ‘regular’ green tea to ones flavored with passion fruit, berries, and orange etc.. Green tea contains polyphenols that may help burn fat. It also contains caffeine, and catechins – an antioxidant that alters the cell-signaling pathways that control how the cells in the body grow, multiply, and die.

No one brand of green tea has been proven to be more effective than others but personally, I like Lipton green tea because it’s cost-effective than other brands and there are many benefits of drinking Lipton green tea, though, including:


Lipton Green Tea Benefits

1. Immunity Boost – Green tea may boost your immune system, making it easier for you to fight off illnesses.

2. Caffeine But Not Too Much – A cup of Lipton green tea contains 35 milligrams of caffeine. That’s enough to give you a boost of energy but not leave you feeling jittery or shaky. Moderate caffeine consumption is considered between 200-300 milligrams a day.


Does Green Tea Help To Lose Weight?

3. Weight Loss – Green tea gives our bodies flavonoids which may help you reach your weight loss goal. Drinking an 8 fluid oz serving of Lipton green tea provides 150 mg of flavonoids. It also has zero grams fat, zero milligrams of sodium and zero grams of carbohydrates.

Lipton Green Tea Benefits


Here are the nutritional facts of Lipton Purple Acai Blueberry Green Tea (just for an example):

Serving Size 1 tea bag (1.2g)  
Servings Per Container 20  
Amount Per Serving    
Calories 0  
    % Daily Value*
Total Carbohydrate 0g 0
Total Fat 0g 0
Potassium 12mg 0
Sodium 0g 0
Protein 0g  

Source: liptontea.com


4. Zero Calories – Among other Lipton green tea benefits, it also contains zero calories, which makes it a great addition to your healthy lifestyle. However, there is no need to add milk or sugar in Lipton green tea but you can add lemon or a no calorie sweetener like Stevia to enhance the flavor without adding calories. Studies conducted on people living in Japan and China showed that long term green tea drinkers had reduced weight and less fat around their waists.

5. Packed With Antioxidants – The antioxidants found in green tea may block energy or ingested calories being converted to fat. Blocking fat storage and production may help keep those unwanted pounds away.

6. Hydration – Green tea is usually next to water when it comes to what’s best to keep you hydrated. It also contains natural calming ingredients that may help you improve metabolism and manage stress better.

7. Keeps Heart Healthy – Green tea is a great source of flavonoids known as catechins. Studies show flavonoids enriched diets helps to burn more fat and also links to many health benefits – especially heart health.

8. Fat Burner – Since the strong antioxidant properties found in Green tea help block fat storage and production, it may also burn fat. If you’re specifically looking to lose weight, the green tea varieties containing honey and pomegranate are your best choices.

Personally, I have tried all the flavors of Lipton green tea and still keep all flavors in my kitchen and like all the them except Mandarin flavor.

Here are the various flavors of Lipton green tea, which you might like to try:

1. Honey Green Tea
2. Red Goji Raspberry Green Tea
3. Decaffeinated Jasmine Passionfruit with Citrus Green Tea
4. Orange Passionfruit Jasmine Green Tea
5. Mandarin Orange Green Tea
6. Decaffeinated Blackberry Pomegranate Green Tea
7. Lemon Ginseng Green Tea
8. Decaffeinated Green Tea
9. White Mangosteen Peach Green Tea
10. Passionfruit Coconut Green Tea
11. Pure Green Tea
12. Decaffeinated Honey Lemon Green Tea
13. Acai Dragonfruit Melon Green Tea
14. Purple Acai Blueberry Green Tea
15. Cranberry Pomegranate Green Tea
16. Mixed Berry Green Tea


Video – A Few More Benefits Of Green Tea

A study published in American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in 2010 shows “Catechins and caffeine together may help to lose more weight than taking caffeine alone”. The good news is green tea contains both (as we mentioned above).

According to Tea Association Of The USA “The demand of green tea has grown exponentially-as compare to black tea in last 10 years”. This shows people are becoming more health conscious.


Tips To Remember To Get Full Lipton Green Tea Benefits

1. The best time to drink this tasty tea is 1-2 cups in the morning and 1-2 cups in the evening at night. Try rotating other flavors of Lipton Green Tea into your diet to keep your tea routine interesting and fun.

2. Drinking 1-2 cups of green tea one hour prior to exercising may increase your endurance and lower your exertion rate.

3. Drinking 2-4 cups of green tea a day is recommended to see optimal health benefits.

4. Eating high fat, high-sugar, and over processed foods will negate any weight loss benefit you are trying to achieve by drinking green tea.

Lipton Green Tea is a part of my weight loss and healthy living regime.
What about you, are you ready to get Lipton green tea benefits? What variety are you going to try first?